The application of data analytics to conventional wearable devices adds further benefit to the technology and provides users with actionable information, argues ABI Research.
A new report from Navigant Research provides an analysis of the role digital assistants play in the smart home and the applications that artificial intelligence (AI) enables.
The total shipment volume of wearables globally saw a 7.3% year over year in Q3/2017 amounting to 26.3 million units, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC).
A large number of tech incumbents including Amazon, Google, Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are making quick investment moves in artificial intelligence (AI) and digital assistants for smart homes having realised the potential these technologies can play in the smart home market, according to a new report from Navigant Research.
Kakao's artificial intelligence (AI) platform Kakao I will be synced with Samsung Electronics' home appliances to create smart services.
LG Electronics has opened the API of its smart home platform SmartThinQ to developers.
The solution will support implementation and management of IoT use cases across devices, infrastructure, edge, cloud and application domains.
A smaller smart speaker at a fraction of the cost? That's Google Home Mini.
BlackBerry Radar is designed to track trailer assets in the trucking industry.
AT&T debuted a new Internet of Things management platform called Operations Center that the telco giant said aims to simplify the way businesses track and monitor deployed IoT assets.
A startup is a beginning stage of a company which is more focused towards problem-solving than profit making, It is a stage where the ‘Ideas’ in the brain takes a shape, i.e. Execution of an Idea. Of course, profit making is one of the important objectives, but startups are more focused towards the solutions to a problem

The term IoT stands for Internet of Things. It refers to growing network of physical objects which are connected to the Internet. Although there is an increase in the popularity of the IoT, but a lot of people are still confused with ‘What exactly is IoT?’
Kaspersky Lab released a beta version of its solution for the "smart" home and the Internet of Things - Kaspersky IoT Scanner This free application for the Android platform scans the home Wi-Fi network, informing the user about the devices connected to it and their level of security