IoT Academy History of Establishment


IoT Academy has started its career with the aim of spreading the culture of IoT knowledge over the country and creating professional didactic environment in the field of IoT since April 2015. Considering the importance of the Internet of Things and its prevalence in the world, there is a need for a specialist institution to educate and empower IoT in the country. Taking advantage of skillful experts in this field, IoT Academy has taken steps to create this educational specialty. After studying latest methods in advanced countries, IoT Academy designed and performed short and different workshops for the first time. The goal of these short-term workshops is to teach practical content at least possible time and increase the ability to continue the process with no aid and being able to learn requirements independently. Also, by observing all the activities of big companies in the field of the Internet of Things, the technical requirements and capabilities needed to work in this field in the world and Iran as well have been studied in order to design the syllabus for developing these technical capabilities to be trained in workshops. All the technologies and tools used in big corporations were reviewed, then the best and most used of them were selected for training at the workshop. Now, having practical experience in IoT and holding a considerable number of short-term workshops since 1394, IoT Academy is pioneer in IoT learning in Iran.




Creating a specialized IoT resource of which covers all the knowledge and education needs of this area is a national and also international necessity. One of the main goals of IoT Academy is to become a specialized IoT resource. This goal has been started by creating a powerful leading educational platform, as well as taking steps to promote the knowledge of Internet of Things in the country and also internationally by IoT Academy.



Instructors Team

One of the most important differences between IoT Academy workshops and others is its practical trainings. In this regard, the ones who are experienced in IoT or its related projects have been chosen as instructors. Thus, these experts have a comprehensive vision of IoT market and its requirements, and will provide their lessons based on these requirements in a completely practical way.

If you find yourself interested in teaching at IoT Academy, and as one of the bests in IoT areas including embedded systems, mobile application or server platform, and you can contact us:




If you are tired of time-consuming and boring trainings, our workshops will change your mind about learning. Experience a persistent and enjoyable learning process based on world's latest educational methods. These workshops are designed to be held in a short time, so that you gain the knowledge you need for implementing your ideas at the least amount of time. Workshops are completely useful and designed to meet your practical requirements. We try our best to train you how to fish, so that you can get through new and innovative things easily. After completing the workshop, participants will receive post-workshop support services including interaction with instructors to solve problems related to workshop trainings, and with other workshop's participants as well.